TVB new drama, Girlie Days (她她她的少女時代) starring Raymond Cho (曹永廉) and Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) is currently airing. As she was suspected to post an online message to criticise Chief Executive of Hong Kong and it angered Chinese netizens earlier, TVB decided not to promote the drama on its official website. When asked about it during an interview at the radio station on 23rd August 2019, Raymond said: “I have no idea and will be singing with Kristal to promote the series on 26th August. Everyone has his/her position and I am busy working. It is hard to give opinion and I will continue to do my part well.”

When mentioned about filing for a divorce with Kristal due to an extra-marital affair in the drama, Raymond revealed he suffered from a depression and mood disorder because of the setback in his career previously: “I became a father not long ago and my career was not running smoothly. I was unhappy and kept silence at home everyday and even drank wine at times. Subsequently, I begun to feel better after seeing a doctor and having a busy work life, but my relationship is smooth all the way.”