Sharon Chan (陳敏之) has a two year old son, Eddie (雷子樂) and Stephanie Che (車婉婉) has a two year old son, Justus Quinlan (BBQ) and both returned to the schools separately.

Apparently, Sharon was excited when Eddie went back to school a week ago and shared photo of him in uniform. On 19th August 2019, she shared photo of herself sitting in a cafe without make-up and another photo of Eddie in school uniform. It turned out that Sharon was waiting for him to finish the lessons and left an emotional message, upon seeing him growing up: “I finally get to experience the feeling of waiting for him after the lessons. Honestly speaking, I really miss the period of us attending lessons together. He is really an obedient son as he wears a mask to school without crying and even “hi five” with me. Let’s wait for him slowly.”

As for Stephanie’s son, BBQ, he went back to the school on 19th August and she uploaded photo of him going back. Stephanie admitted she missed him and her eyes appeared wet: “I am separated from BBQ today and start to miss him when holding his hand while walking to the school.

Before that day, I accompany him every lesson but he is a big boy now and it is time for him to be independent. I cannot stay by his side all the time and my tears is coming down now. I really miss him when BBQ said goodbye to me before going into the school and feel overjoyed when fetching him. The teacher said he did not cry at all and BBQ is indeed a smart boy.”