Since Hong Kong actor, William Chan (陳偉霆) switches to develop his career in Mainland China, he has been enjoying the fame, success and is well-loved by his Chinese fans.

Lately, some netizen happened to bump into William in Hong Kong and shared their photo online. She praised he was a gentleman and illustrated the encounter on that day: “My friend and I happen to see William upon alighting at Hong Kong Monetary Authority (金融管理局). He is very courteous and agrees to take photo with us immediately. I feel overjoyed.”

Because of the 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests, the demonstrations are ongoing and the relationship between the police force and citizens becomes extremely intense. Thus, many tourists feel it is unsafe to visit Hong Kong. As the netizen mentioned about seeing the protests the night before, William showed his concern and asked: “What makes you travel to Hong Kong as it is very dangerous now? Where are you from?” He also urged them to be extra cautious when having fun in Hong Kong.

In the WeChat conversation, another netizen disclosed William also asked the same questions and told them to be cautious. He was patient when taking photo together as well.