After the metro train services in Hong Kong was suspended on 24th August 2019, it continued with the suspension to deter the protestors at Tsuen Wan on the following day. Around 11.30am on 25th August, Hong Kong MTR Corporation Limited announced it stopped the train services at Kwai Fong station, Tsuen Wan station and Tsuen Wan West station after 1.30pm onward. As the move affected the citizens badly, artiste David Siu (邵仲衡) and Chapman To (杜汶澤) showed their anger in the public.

Movie Kong, Anthony Wong (黃秋生) disagreed with the decision made by Hong Kong MTR and accepted a telephone interview from Apple Daily HK (蘋果) on the same day: “It is the worst method which will make the protestors furious and cause adverse effects.” Although there was no train services provided, it failed to stop Tommy Yuen (阮民安) from participating in the protest at Tsuen Wan by taking a cab.

On the same day, David also disapproved with the move made by Hong Kong MTR and posted a message on Facebook: “It will result in more violence and don’t they understand physics?” Chapman said: “Honestly speaking, the cab drivers can reject passengers. We are paying for the train services and the train company can simply shut down whenever it wants to?”