36-year-old Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) dated her “mahjong prince” boyfriend, Anthony Shek (石恆聰) since 2017. Both enjoyed a stable relationship and rumours of their wedding bells begun to circulate, but Charlene preferred to take things slowly.

Other than filming drama and movies lately, Charlene also participated in the stage play (情敵勸退師) and competed her acting skills against Cheuk Wan Chi (卓韻芝). Despite her busy work schedule, she tries to spend time with her boyfriend and balance her career and relationship well.

Earlier, East Week (東周) discovered Charlene alighted from a 7-seater vehicle outside a luxurious mansion at Kowloon Tong and not her own flat at Redhill Peninsula after the rehearsal for the stage play. She carried several big shopping bags and walked into the mansion quickly as if she was the owner.

Apparently, Anthony comes from a wealthy family and his grandfather is known as “mahjong king”. Beside the mahjong school, his family own many shops, buildings and properties in Hong Kong and overseas and his family assets are rumoured to worth around billion dollars. According to the information, the mansion, no.6 at Kowloon Tong under his family’s asset is worth around $3 billion and it was currently under renovation. Thus, Charlene and Anthony moved to a similar mansion at Kowloon Tong in order to try living together before their marriage.

A few days ago around 5pm, Anthony took a cab and returned home hurriedly and it is suspected that Charlene was waiting at home for him so as to spend two person world together. The reporters saw he wore a top and shorts with sports shoes and carried a backpack containing water bottle and anti-bacterial hand gel. From the looks of it, it is highly likely that Anthony came back after training and was a realistic man based on his outfit  He also looked at the plants before entering into the house.

Although both are urged to tie the knot frequently, but Charlene encounters a failed marriage with her ex-husband, Ronald Cheng (鄭中基) and will not make an impulse decision again. She is currently focusing on her career especially after nominated for Best Actress Award last year. Nevertheless in order to have a baby after the marriage in the future, Charlene decided to “freeze” her eggs and saved 20 eggs in total.

In addition, Anthony was seen accompanying Charlene to buy sports accessories and treat her like a queen in a shopping centre at Admiralty earlier. She sought for his opinion and Anthony was helping to browse around patiently. Eventually, Charlene chose an inner top and Anthony went to make the payment.

Finally, they went for a shopping spree at a shopping centre at the Central and Anthony remained patient and accompanied Charlene to choose a handbag and accessories at a branded shop. She then chose a handbag which cost $20,000 and Anthony went to make the payment again. It is obvious that he is a very good boyfriend.

Source: https://eastweek.my-magazine.me/main/90209