As Chau Pak Ho (周柏豪) urged the public to register for citizenship through Instagram and Weibo earlier, it angered the Chinese netizens whom pointed him to support Hong Kong secession and he deleted the messages and photos on his Instagram account subsequently.

After staying low-key for some time, Pak Ho finally posted a message in simplified Chinese characters on Weibo on 26th August 2019: “As a Chinese citizen, I love my country and Hong Kong. I never support Hong Kong secession and violence at all. In addition, Pak Ho forwarded the text to his media company, StarzPeople (種星堂) which made an online clarification.

Below is the contents:

“One of our artistes, Mr Chau Pak Ho in StarzPeople company is affected because of the irresponsible online comments lately. As his media company, we will like to make a clarification:

Mr Chau Pak Ho is a Chinese citizen born in Hong Kong and loves his country and Hong Kong all along. The company and Pak Ho firmly believe that Hong Kong is part of China forever.

Mr Chau Pak Ho has neither supports Hong Kong secession nor participates in any activities related to Hong Kong protests. We strongly object to violence and disallow any organisation and individual to make us of his name to join illegal activities. Hence, we will reserve all legal rights.”

In conclusion, we hope the world will stop all the gossips and discussions immediately.”