Elaine Yiu’s (姚子羚) sweet and fragile appearance is deeply loved by the audiences and netizens. In fact, she has a male like character in reality and the netizens call her as “male cousin”. Elaine discusses with the audiences graciously and makes dirty jokes in a natural way. Despite a failed relationship this year, she continues to be tough and face the media bravely. When mentioned about the setbacks in her love life, Elaine said: “I always want a simple romance.” She chose friendship over relationship and specially mentioned about the bonding with Nancy Wu (胡定欣) during the shooting period for Justice Bao: The First Year (包青天之再起風雲) drama for two months.

During the interview, Elaine kept talking about Nancy and both could not return to Hong Kong to handle their personal stuff when filming the series in Hengdian for two months. She felt fortunate that her good friend participated in this drama and had an enjoyable time upon working together: “Nancy and I understand each other and have no conflicts at all. After working, we explored places, boiled soup and watched movies together frequently. Hence, we had a wonderful time during those two months.” She also recalled of shooting a fighting scene against each other for the first time and it gave her a deep impression: “Working with Nancy makes me focused on my role easily and I remembered there was a scene that I told her the most happiest memory in my life was to know her upon discovering something. Subsequently, our tears begun to come down.”

Apparently, Elaine knew Nancy after filming TVB drama, Revolving Doors of Vengeance (酒店風雲) in 2005 and became friends gradually. Despite less collaboration after 2005, they continued to keep in contact by having dinner together occasionally. Both had no conflicts for more than 10 years and their good friends in The Sisterhood (胡說八道會) group agreed to discuss about their flaws for improvements. Hence, it was considered a very rare friendship and Elaine would like to tell the readers of HK01 (香港01) on behalf of Nancy : “I am unfamiliar with Elaine at all.” However, it shows they have close bonding and Elaine said: “I will not feel unhappy if she mentions we are not good friends as we are strangers. Of course, we will have a few good friends.”

As Elaine was exposed for dating a married man, Raymond and labelled as “third party” in this May, she had made clarifications and said: “I definitely feel unhappy and it is out of my control. I can only control myself and make the explanation. It is unnecessary to explain again and I have my own reasons and will not avoid it. Those people who understand Elaine should believe my personality and my good friends are aware of it. Hence, silence is golden and repeated explanations will result in more gossips.”

Although Elaine is perceived as a sweet and fragile woman, but the reporters realised she was a straightforward and loud person who would not behave like a spoil child to get the attention from the men. She revealed her friends made fun of her that she acted like a man frequently: “It appears nobody believes it and I do not mind others know that I am a straightforward person. Why do I need to act fragile? I am not that type of person and people will love me for who I am.”

Looking back at her love history, Elaine usually dates men from another industry and does not develop relationship with the actors. She explained she did not deliberately choose men from another sector: “I prefer a simple romance all along and showing mutual respect and absolute trust towards each other are the most important. The occupation does not matter and I happen to meet guys from other industry at the right timing. Perhaps I treat the actors as filming partners and focus on my job only when working.”

Finally, Elaine joins TVB for 17 years and many fellow colleagues choose to leave their comfort zones and widen their horizons. Despite the uncertain probability of the success, they get to enrich their experiences and achieve breakthroughs in another aspect. As for Elaine, she felt grateful for gaining fame and earning income especially having a group of good friends in The Sisterhood group. One of her good friends, Selena Lee (李施嬅) was given an opportunity to participate in a foreign film and noted for her role after leaving TVB. Elaine said: “Honestly speaking, I really wish to gain recognition by the public and hope to become TV Queen one day. I will definitely continue to work hard.”

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