Binding Souls (綁靈) film directed by Edmond Poon (潘紹聰) is airing in September 2019. A few days ago, he accepted an interview with Angie Shum (岑日珈) and expressed it was very challenging to direct a movie as the film producer. He made a cameo appearance and remarked his role image was unique and nobody could recognise him. Angie revealed she had a supernatural encounter and screamed upon feeling terrified.

Edmond expressed he did not meet any strange incident and Angie said: “We filmed at a deserted school and the atmosphere was very eerie. The toilet in the school is old-fashioned design and I shouted when a dead body of a bird fell down. I was terrified and returned to the hotel room to take a rest thereafter.” Fortunately, her mother accompanied her and prepared an amulet for protection, and Angie resumed the shooting after resting for a day.

Angie added she could feel the presence of the spirits and encounter weird incidents easily: “My mother did not want me when expecting initially and the doctor advised her not to give up. Hence, she decided to give birth to me and returned to the hospital to thank the doctor. However, there was no record of that doctor in the hospital and perhaps everything is pre-arranged.”

As the “ghost king” Edmond enjoyed shooting horror film as the film producer and actor: “I love to discuss about supernatural online and it is difficult for me to get rid of this icon. Somebody approached me to film comedy movie before and I am quite interested to try it.”