Michelle Wai (衛詩雅) and Alex Lam (林德信) filmed a horror movie, Walk With Me (雙魂) together and the location shooting took place at a haunted house in Kuala Lumpur. Many strange incidents happened during the filming and it made them felt frightened. Michelle was shivering upon recalling of it and said: “I always love to watch supernatural shows since little and it has always been my desire to shoot a horror film. I have enough of it this time and will not film such theme in short term as it is too scary. I suffer from insomnia for two months and my life is returning to normal slowly.” She disclosed the movie was filmed two years ago and needed to have courage to watch it in the cinema. The recent promotion activities reminded her of the frightening memories and Michelle wished to shoot comedy and action films in the future so as to forget those memories.

Alex expressed he heard about the weird incidents from the team members and did not witness it personally, but had poor quality of sleep in his hotel room and needed to rely on playing his guitar to stay alert: “Michelle is pitiful as she has to stay for another week alone when all team members are allowed to go back. She is very professional and focused yet terrified at the same time.” He added he remained interested to film similar theme and decided to film Walk With Me movie as it was challenging to portray the inner thoughts in the finale.

Alex revealed Michelle acted as his love interest and could only kiss together in the water: “It is freezing and suffering to shoot under the water scene. We used lots of stamina and filmed the scene throughout the night. Since it is cold, we have to get some warmth from each other and there is more intimate contact when compared to the script. Haha.” Michelle remarked she did not feel embarrassed since both played a married couple in the film (獅子山上) and realised hugging each other was the best way to obtain warmth under the water.

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