After completing 13 sessions of the concert, Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) and her husband, Andy Hui (許志安) went to England for holidays. Other than visiting Mark Lui (雷頌德) and his wife, Jade Lui (梁家玉) whom had relocated over there, both also celebrated their birthdays together and continued to travel around in Europe. Sammi shared photo of herself taking a river cruise and Mark appeared to gain substantial weight when sitting besides her. She left a message: “I am driving a boat and Mark is not worried at all? The trust from my good friend makes me feel touched. Haha. #mulberry bag #feel like learning to drive again but an accident gives me a phobia #going to Copenhagen again #really love the pace in Europe #perhaps my age is making me to love the slow pace” Mark said: “I am not afraid at all!” Jade responded: “You have been talking about driving again for many years! Go for it if you want to!”

Subsequently, Sammi uploaded another photo of the street food in Prague and said: “The street food in Prague is delicious. However, it is frightening me as there is many bees and I keep screaming while eating. So busy! #Jess Zhang (張茜) recommended to me #delicious good in Prague #eat #we eat crazily”