Marco Ngai (魏駿傑) married his wife, Zhang Lihua (張利華) who is younger than him by 19 years old in 2008 and they have a 8-year-old daughter, Jessica. However, red lights are flashing at their marriage and Apple Daily HK (蘋果) discovered Marco had been taking care of Jessica alone at his house in Sai Kung frequently.

A few days ago, Apple Daily HK saw Lihua and her female friend were having tea together in a cafe at Sai Kung. She wore a black sleeveless top with white sunglasses, appeared to be in a good mood and touched her hair repeatedly while chatting to her friend. They sat down with the fan blowing towards them and left around 6pm in the evening.

After saying goodbye to her friend, the reporters disclosed their identity to Lihua who looked surprised but greeted at them politely. When asked about Marco’s whereabout, she replied he was currently at home.

Upon mentioning about their poor relationship, Lihua appeared mad and said: “Why are you always talking about me? Are you the one started it? We are good and celebrated the birthday by having dinner together.” She then walked slowly and told the reporters: “I need to make a clarification. Please stop writing about me. It is normal to have arguments at home and kindly stop adding oil into the fire.”

When questioned about her relationship with Marco again, Lihua said: “We are very good and please stop spreading rumours about me. You are attacking and tarnishing my reputation. I am currently working and taking care of my daughter. You should write about that and I understand that everyone recognises Marco in the public. It does not matter and I definitely dote on my daughter since giving birth to her. Please stop spreading rumours and I will leave it to my lawyer to handle if it happens again. It is getting overboard and hurting my family. We normally find a solution after an argument and kindly stop writing about us.” Subsequently, she went to an ATM to withdraw cash and smiled while waving her hand to the reporters, before driving back to her flat in Sai Kung.

As for Marco, he said to the reporters from Apple Daily HK when asked about his relationship with his wife earlier: “No reply. (Any problems?) Nope. No reply does not mean something happens. Sorry!”