The hotel industry in Hong Kong is heavily affected because of the current political problems and reduced the prices to attract the local citizens to make the reservations. It included five-star hotel decreased the room rate to less than $1000. However, the hotel sector in Mainland China remains normal and uses celebrities as a promotion tactic to tempt the tourists to make the reservation. As Karen Mok (莫文蔚) held her world tour concert (絕色莫文蔚世界巡迴演唱會) in Hubei, stayed in Moevenpick Enshi hotel and took photo with the hotel staff, the hotel advertised the room that she stayed previously as an online auction. The title was Karen left the room but the warmth remained and it was waiting for you tonight. As for the contents, it stated: “You are allowed to take away the towels, toiletries and bed accessories except for the mattress.” and it resembled to a pornography advertisement, upon looking at it. In addition, the poster looked like a Japanese commercial selling used toiletries and went viral once it was released. The netizens remarked it was a despicable and worst promotion tactic and the hotel apologised because of the pressure from the public eventually.