More than a year ago, Nancy Wu (胡定欣) decided to have a long vacation after shooting TVB drama, Justice Bao: The First Year (包青天再起風雲). The finale is aired not long ago and she has not filmed any new series until now. As Nancy begins to venture into movie industry in recent years, the rumours of her leaving TVB have been circulating around and many friends believe she has left TVB. Nancy explained her contract with TVB remained valid: “I am only resting and not leaving. I do not set a limit for myself and will give it a try if given an opportunity.” Hence, she challenged musical concert and stage play and tried to create a different “Nancy Wu”.

Honestly speaking, Nancy had no reason to stay in TVB especially after bagging Best Newcomer, Best Actress in a Supporting and Leading Role Awards. She also played an empress and general in the drama and the public believed her income would increased after leaving TVB based on her popularity. Many juniors choose to leave TVB despite obtaining lower achievements and the public perceived Nancy as a “loyal staff”.

Nancy said: “I pursue achievements and performances but not awards as I believe I have crossed that stage. For example: I challenge myself by participating in a stage play. I used to assume that I will cause NG when memorising a lengthy dialogues but I tried it and it is not really considered as professionalism.”

TVB is not the only place to improve the acting skills and Nancy remains in TV City because of her loyalty: “It is more than 10 years and I grow up in TVB which is my base. It enriches my learning curve and people recognise me from here.”

However, TVB is not as glamorous as before and some people even do not feel proud of TVB. When mentioned about the current atmosphere, Nancy started to frown and said: “I hope the company will continue to progress and have unlimited resources as TV station accompanies Hong Kong citizens during the growing up stage. Every colleague hopes to resolve the matter quickly if within their abilities and we cherish this channel. It can only be done with the team unity.”

When mentioned about TVB production was criticised and compared to foreign productions, Nancy replied the audiences had widened their horizons in the current era: “Hence, we must continue to upgrade ourselves and reduce the flaws. It is necessary to analyse the problems.” Asking about the biggest issue facing the television industry, Nancy sighed slightly and pointed every firm in every sector faced different types of problems and it was impossible for an artiste to handle it by himself/ herself: “They have a group of audiences to take care of and we must continue to challenge and achieve breakthroughs.” She emphasised she would try to do her part well.