Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam (林鄭月娥) announced that her government will formally withdraw an extradition bill which created endless of protests and demonstrations but failed to address to other demands raised by the protesters. It included an independent inquiry into police behaviour, amnesty for the arrest, and democratic reforms providing Hong Kong residents universal suffrage.

With regards to the social unrest, Carrie re-emphasised that the society remained full of anxiety and the protests will continue as long as the extradition bill was not withdrawn. She hoped to root for Hong Kong as the conflicts between the police force and citizens were becoming adverse and there was no sign of stopping the protests even after two months.

On 4th September 2019, Carrie called for a press conference that she would setting up an international expert group to investigate the attack happened in Yuen Long on 21st July: “As a government official, it is my responsibility and let’s move things forward. I am taking four actions by withdrawing the extradition bill, promising to listen to recommendations from the IPCC and establish a platform for dialogue and inviting community leaders and experts to advise the government on social problems.”

When mentioned about Carrie’s press conference, Anthony Wong (黃秋生) replied through a text message: “Carrie needs to learn to understand about response and agree are two separate matters. Agreeing to the citizens’ demands do not mean that the government is weak. As a leader, she must communicate with the residents to face the problem bravely and not using violence to resolve it. It is a good beginning this time and I am looking forward to additional improvements and resolve the issues together. Sorry for being long-winded as it is difficult to convince the government and mandatory to conduct investigations about the police behaviour and authority, in order to answer to the public. Otherwise, it is hard to gain trust from the citizens and let’s do it step by step. Hopefully we will not end up like the Nanjing Massacre.”

Revealing that Carrie’s response was considered late, Anthony said: “Not really. It needs to be resolved eventually.” As for Gregory Wong (王宗堯), he also replied through a text message: “After the discussion with my group, there is four demands left and please do not drag it any longer.” Subsequently, he criticised that Carrie used such methods all along and lacked of sincerity during a telephone interview: “It appears so on the surface but will she be doing something under the table? You refer to the old news and two new members will be added to The Independent Police Complaints Council but both are her own people.” He believed the next step will be setting up an independent inquiry after withdrawing the extradition bill: “They have arrested thousands of people and will be charging them based on assault. The legal department is definitely siding with them.” Gregory reckoned Carrie was trying to mislead the public and failing to hide the truth upon facing life and death matter.

On the other hand, Denise Ho (何韻詩) was currently in Australia and said on the same day about explaining the detailed information since the protests from June and youngsters in Hong Kong facing the violence used by the cops. She also mentioned about assuming a fake gun as real gun, two attacks in the train stations, a major search on 31st August and airport. Denise emphasised Hong Kong citizens demonstrated the quality and unity perfectly to the whole world.

Although Denise was performing in overseas and did not watch the press conference, but she did express her thoughts on the stage and believed Carrie’s response was too late since the protests begun in June.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190904/60009116