Pierre Ngo (敖嘉年) participated in a charity event at Tuen Mun on 31st August 2019. When mentioned about involving in many charity activities lately, he replied his friends were affected by the problems in the society and persuaded them to take part in charity work in order to reduce their stress: “I am taking the lead today and will be telling my friends to come along later.”

As Pierre will be filming drama and stage play in October and December 2019, he expressed his gratitude towards the film producer: “Because I agreed to shoot stage play first and the crew team told me not to worry and will compromise my schedule. (Any baby plan?) My mother does not give me any pressure and I can barely support myself. Let’s see how it goes.”

Pierre confessed the political issues in the past 2 months did affect his job: “It causes implications to my friends and me. They even thought about sending their children to pursue their studies in overseas. Many of my friends relocated to Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand but the environment is similar regardless of the location. Anyway, I am staying in Hong Kong as it is my hometown.”

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190831/59994244