Supermodel Qi Qi (琦琦) was invited to the press release for a watch brand at Shanghai a few days ago. She shared about her watch designs and her husband, Simon Yam (任達華) made a surprise appearance and gave her a gigantic panda soft toy upon mentioning about the panda design for the watch. Everyone was shocked and it turned out that he custom made a gigantic teddy bear when Qi Qi fetched Simon at the airport during their dating period. He said: “I would love to give it to her as long as my wife is happy and it gives her sweet memories.”

During an interview, Simon expressed he was currently resting and Qi Qi was willing to cook for him everyday although she disliked cooking as the doctor advised him to eat food high in calcium to aid in speedy recovery. Hence, she kept consulting her friends about cooking fish maw and his daughter, Ella Yam also prepared desserts for him. Simon became the “judge” for the food at home and said: “I give 3 stars to the desserts and less sugar is suitable for me. I give 1 star to Qi Qi as she tries her best to cook.” Qi Qi revealed Simon had low expectations and she ensured fish maw was fully cooked before he ate it.