Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) is rumoured to be boycotted by Chinese netizens because of her recent online message and her contract with TVB might be terminated which attracts attention from the public.

During the promotion activity for Girlie Days (她她她的少女時代) drama on 3rd September 2019, Kristal shared a group photo on her social media account and said: “It is my last promotion event for Girlie Days series and see you again soon! I will be focusing on preparing my upcoming concert on 20th September!” She is pointed to complete all the work arrangements in TVB.

41-year-old Kristal seldom discusses about political affair but posted a message on Facebook earlier: “I am conducting a press conference to announce there will be a press conference later. The content is about a press conference on the following day……” She was suspected to hint about her dissatisfaction with Carrie Lam’s (林鄭) “unlimited loop” which became a heated discussion among the Chinese netizens. They also “attacked” Kristal on Weibo and wanted to boycott her.

Although Kristal played the female lead in TVB drama, Girlie Days, but she rarely promotes it on her Weibo account and the company does not really promote it on its official website. It is uncertain if it is because of her previous online message. When HK01 (香港01) tried to verify with her, Kristal replied she was clueless and needed to check with the firm: “The artistes are normally reactive and it is out of our control. As the artistes, we must do our part well and the outcome of the drama is not within our control. It is meaningless to worry about it.” She was currently preparing for her concert.

Apparently, Kristal left ATV in 2003 and joined TVB in 2006. She filmed many drama and became TV Queen as well. When asked about the rumours related to leaving TVB, Kristal said: “Nope. It is fake rumours. (Why did you bid farewell to your colleagues?) Because I am concentrating on preparing my concert and that day is my last promotion activity. Hence, I feel emotional as unsure about when we are meeting up again.”