Tse Kwan Ho (謝君豪), Maggie Cheung (張可頤) and Elena Kong (江美儀) completed the eighth session of the stage play (但願人長久) on 1st September 2019. The team members held a celebration party during the break and Kwan Ho expressed it was successful overall despite encountering different incidents daily. Maggie believed it helped her to improve the concentration and said: “Although I am not a full time theatre star, but I have been rehearsing everyday and realise I can do it. (Addicted to it?) Better not to but I hope to have another opportunity again.” Kwan Ho praised Maggie performed well but there was room for improvements for his acting skills.

When asked if she wished to perform in another stage play, Maggie said: “I am worried about failing to turn back after this time and might not get used to it. Anyway, I am joking.”

Elena revealed she had to apply a dramatic eye make-up because of the role and use different colour for each session. She missed the stage play when there was 2 remaining sessions only as they enjoyed working and eating together. She was satisfied with her own performance and it was successful overall. Finally, Elena felt relieved when the audiences turned up to watch the stage play and return home safely.

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20190902/1567408717404/%e3%80%90%e5%bd%b1%e5%b8%9dvs%e8%a6%96%e5%90%8e%e3%80%91%e8%ae%9a%e5%bc%b5%e5%8f%af%e9%a0%a4%e6%bc%94%e5%be%97%e5%87%ba%e8%89%b2-%e8%ac%9d%e5%90%9b%e8%b1%aa%e8%87%aa%e5%98%b2%e6%9c%89%e6%94%b9%e5%96%84%e7%a9%ba%e9%96%93