Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) attended an activity (癌症基金會粉紅革命2019啟動禮) organised by Hong Kong Cancer Fund (癌症基金) as an ambassador on 3rd September 2019. Mentioning about behaving like a sweet couple with her husband, Andy Hui (許志安) when holidaying in Europe earlier, she said: “It is hard to avoid when camera feature is included into the mobile phones. In fact, netizens are considered kind-hearted and will ask for permission if they can take photos. They are alright and courteous even when I look unpleasant. (Getting along well with Andy?) It is normal communication after alighting from the plane. (When is Andy making a comeback?) It is better to ask him directly. I believe he needs to learn to face himself and it is a process. Let him take his time and I am anxious for him to work. (Any improvement in your relationship after the trip?) Wow, you have many questions! It is normal communication and not really considered sweet. Anyway, it is a process and let nature take its course.”