25-year-old Carmaney Wong (黃嘉雯) is a model and emerged as the champion in 2019 Ms Hong Kong Pageant. In the initial contest, she is perceived as one of the hot favourites and the result is quite predictable.

Other than the looks, Carmaney comes from a wealthy family and lives in a luxurious mansion, but she expressed that she was financially independent and did not rely on her parent for support earlier.

In addition, she was taken photos of having dinner with a foreign man in the public when participating in the pageant. During an interview with HK01 (香港01), Carmaney confessed he was her boyfriend and said: “We are dating for more than a year and it is pointless to hide it. (Worry that it might affect your chances of winning?) Nope. We are adults and it is normal to have a relationship. He specially travels to Hong Kong because of me. (The public might dig your background?) I come from a simple family background. He works as an ordinary office employee and definitely not a rich man’s son.”

Nevertheless, somebody managed to discover that Carmaney’s boyfriend, Matej was from Switzerland and she knew him when visiting her good friend in Germany. They also pointed Matej resembled footballer David Beckham (碧咸) and it is obvious that he is a dashing man. Apparently, Matej is a marketing specialist and advices her to delete some photos on her social media account when participating in the pageant, in order to prevent the public from checking her background. He even relocated to Hong Kong because of Carmaney.

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