Ms Hong Kong Pageant (香港小姐競選) used to be one of the most important shows to Hong Kong citizens and the final competition was even held in Hong Kong Coliseum before. However because of the lower quality in recent years, the pageant is changed to conduct in TV City.

Due to the ongoing protests in the city and the “attack” to TVB, it decided not to invite the public as the audiences this year. Based on the news source on 7th September 2019, the TV station ordered its 200 artistes as the judges to support the pageant which became genuine news on the following day. Andrea So (蘇韻姿), Lesley Chiang (姜麗文) and Sabrina Yeung (楊埕) were seen rehearsing for the show at TV City and Lesley shared a video clip showing a big group of artistes were dressed glamorously for the preparation. Other than acting as the judges and supporting the pageant, they needed to perform with the contestants as well.

On the same day, TVB Corporate Communication department dismissed the rumours and explained the clients and contestants’ families were invited to watch the pageant in TV City.