At 2.30pm on 8th September 2019, some netizens begun the praying session for “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act” (香港人權與民主宣言) and marched near the US consulate general to appeal to the US President for help at the Central. Around 6.40pm, a big group of protestors proceeded from Hennessy Road to Causeway Bay and Hong Kong MTR announced it suspended the train service from Wan Chai to the Central station temporarily.

Despite the big crowd, Aaron Kwok (郭富城) continued to drive to Causeway Bay in his black Lamborghini car. The reporters tried to interview him immediately and he said while rolling down the window: “I am buying diapers. (Do you have any comments?) I am buying diapers for my daughter.” When asked if he was worried about the protests damaging his vehicle, Aaron ignored it and looked embarrassed when driving away.