68-year-old Kent Cheng (鄭則仕) joins the entertainment industry for 46 years and his TVB new drama, My Life as Loan Shark (街坊財爺) is finally airing. Other than his brilliant acting skills, his weight is equally outstanding and TVB released an old interview of Kent when he was 27-year-old and he did try to lose weight at the time.

When the host, Mary Hon (韓馬利) asked if he weighed his weight during K-100 program in 1978, Kent said: “Nope. I assume I weight around 200 pound. (What makes you gain weight?) Simple reason. You will grow fat when stop training for a short while. It is true. My weight used to be 140 pound when exercising and gained more than 50 pound after stopping for 6 months.”

In recent years, Kent suffered from diabetes and needed to control his diet and go for medical check-up frequently. As he weighed 290 pound previously, Kent tried to lose weight since he was growing older and managed to reduce 20 pound when shooting I Bet Your Pardon (荷里活有個大老千) series. In addition, he became a father after 40 years old and tried to live a healthy lifestyle so as to take care of his family.

Finally, Kent disclosed his diet by reducing to 70% food intake and 50% consisted of vegetables while 20% was carbohydrate and 30% was meat. He also played bowling as exercising for 5 days a week.

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