Chinese star Yang Mi (楊冪) gains fame after filming The Return of the Condor Heroes (神雕俠侶) drama in 2006 and Palace (宮) series with Feng Shaofeng (馮紹峰) in 2011. She also shot Palace II (宮鎖珠簾) drama in the following year and participated in another palace series after 7 years later. Thus, it became a heated discussion.

Yang Mi and Aarif Rahman (李治廷) played Consort Ling and Qianlong Emperor in the drama (乾隆改修圜丘的故事). The preview clip in a Chinese variety program (遇見天壇) showed Yang Mi wore simple hair accessories and earring while Aarif looked charismatic and handsome. Although everyone misses Yang Mi’s performance in ancient costume, but her acting skills is criticised after watching the four minutes video clip.

In the beginning, Yang Mi looked troubled when engaged in a discussion with Aarif and he tried to console her, but she turned out to be “mad”. Looking back at other similar drama, it is evident that Qianlong Emperor dotes on Consort Ling and Yang Mi had no reaction when Aarif told her she would not feel lonely with him accompanying her. Instead, she looked annoyed and we cannot see the gentleness of Yang M, and her acting skill looked stiff overall. As for Aarif, he is very focused in his role despite the fluency of his Mandarin and less acting experiences.

Subsequently, the news went viral and many netizens remarked Yang Mi should play empress dowager as she looked mean and resembled to teaching her step son. They also criticised her acting skills and she should be given a villain role.