The results for 2019 Ms Hong Kong Pageant (2019香港小姐競選) was announced on 8th September 2019. Contestant 1, Carmaney Wong (黃嘉雯) was the winner and contestant 5, Fei (王菲) was the first runner-up, while contestant 8, Kelly (古佩玲) was the second runner-up. Before joining the contest, 25-year-old Carmaney is a model and admitted to dating a foreign man for more than a year during the participation.

After crowning as the champion, Carmaney is surrounded by many rumours and exposed for being a third party between a handsome dentist, Doctor Tong (唐逸謙) and his girlfriend two years ago. According to a news source, a woman named Rachel pointed one of the contestants dared not admit to travelling with a dentist who had a girlfriend to Japan by themselves on Instagram. Upon returning, she gave him a valentine’s day postcard, called him “her prince” and love from Carmaney. Although it is over, but Rachel remains furious.

After completing her work at 12.30am on 9th September, Carmaney sat in a 7-seater vehicle to return to her flat in Whampoa. When asked about being the third party, she appeared shocked and embarrassed: “It is totally fake news.” Upon mentioning about the love letter presented by the female party, Carmaney lowered her head and replied after two seconds: “He is my boyfriend.” From her tone, it seemed that she was hinting they dated before but did not explain about being the third party gossip. Checking about her celebration plan, Carmaney said: “Meeting and eating dinner with my friends. I am thinking about having steamboat.” Finally, she thanked the reporters again before going back home.

Apparently, Carmaney’s current boyfriend, Matej is from Switzerland and got to know him when visiting her friend in Germany. He is a marketing specialist and the netizens complimented Matej resembled footballer, David Beckham. Matej is also rumoured to relocate to Hong Kong in order to spend more time with his girlfriend.