Carmaney Wong (黃嘉雯) is surrounded by many rumours upon emerging as the champion in 2019 Ms Hong Kong Pageant on 8th September 2019. She was pointed as the third party between a handsome dentist and his girlfriend and both travelled to Japan together previously. Based on the news source, Carmaney even wrote a love letter to him and it was published in the public. On 9th September, she clarified about the entire issue during the awards event.

Carmaney confessed to dating the dentist for a short period of time: “He told me he was single before we developed a relationship. I have no idea what has happened exactly and will not date him if he has a girlfriend. I will never become a third party. (Feel you are cheated?) You have to ask him directly and only he knows the truth. We broke up because he was very busy and lacked of time for communication. We dated for one or two months and it is normal to write a love letter at the time.”

Looking at the information, the dentist is Doctor Tong who has good affinity with women and there is many interesting reports about him upon doing an online search. Nevertheless, Carmaney currently has a handsome foreign boyfriend and should be speaking the truth since she responds to it graciously.