After married to a wealthy businessman, Alex Lau (劉建浩) in 2008, Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) and he have two sons, Chace and Riley whom are studying in Christian Alliance International School (宣道國際學校) with Roger Kwok’s (郭晉安) children. Based on understanding, Kelly listened to the kindergarten teacher’s advice and enrolled her sons into the school: “I consulted my friends and heard that the students in that school were very obedient. Hence, I tried to enrol my sons and it accepted them after that. The school is near my house and the new hostel is very big as well.”

Despite her singing diva status, Kelly participated in the school bonding activities frequently and her husband was a member of parent-teacher association. She fetched her sons personally and maintained good relationship with the school by joining school trips and parties.

Apparently, Christian Alliance International School is an international school that provides Christian education from preparatory to grade 12 with the curriculum of Alberta Education. It is a famous school that is highly recognised and the school fees are cheaper when compared to other international school. Thus, it is known as an “affordable” international school.

However in March 2019, the school lodged a police report immediately after receiving a bomb threat and many parents took their children to school and fetched them personally. Finally, International Christian School (基督教國際學校) in Sha Tin and Singapore International School (新加坡國際學校) in Hong Kong Island are also popular because many celebrities enrol their kids and cause a group of parents to fight for the spaces.