Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) expressed it was a big challenge to talk and sing on the stage when rehearsing for her upcoming solo concert at Macpherson Stadium, Hong Kong on 20th September 2019. Recently, she refrained from eating cold food in order to protect her voice: “I realise I can live a rocky life by training and practising to play guitar. I am eating a bland diet such as high protein food and staying away from cold food. I feel overjoyed upon knowing having steamboat for celebration after the concert.”

When mentioned about several musical sessions were cancelled in Mong Kok because of the protests, Kristal replied she was not very worried as it was hard to predict the happenings everyday. Hence, she focused on preparing her concert and did not even ask the company about the contingency plan.

Checking about the rumours related to terminating her contract with TVB as she bade farewell to her colleagues during the promotion activity for Girlie Days (她她她的少女時代) drama earlier, Kristal explained she felt emotional because it was her last promotion event and could not go for celebration, in order to prepare for her concert: “I have no idea when I will be seeing them again and create a misunderstanding as a result. Very sorry. (Still working for TVB?) Yes.”