After emerging as the champion in 2019 Ms Hong Kong Pageant, Carmaney Wong (黃嘉雯) is surrounded by many gossips and pointed as a third party between a handsome dentist and his girlfriend 2 years ago. When mentioned about his girlfriend presented the love letter, Carmaney hesitated for 2 seconds before answering: “He was my boyfriend.” It appeared that she tried to hint they dated before but did not deny if she was a third party.

On 10th September, Carmaney posted a message on Instagram that it was hard to predict the next happening and one would lose many opportunities if afraid of failures. She recalled of those 2 months memories about encountering the ups and downs together with the contestants during the pageant which made her grew up: “I learn to smile and face all obstacles bravely. It does not cross my mind to stay united with a group of girls and I believe nobody will understand our bonding. It will not be a perfect and happy life if we do not experience it together for these past 2 months.”

Carmaney also felt grateful to the supports from her family and good friends: “I doubt I will have confidence to express myself on the stage if without all of you. Thank you to a group of celebrities for acting as the judges and audiences and your cheering makes it a wonderful evening.” She believed her life was an amazing journey and will continue to feel grateful.

Finally according to the news source on the same day, Carmaney was rumoured to behave intimately with a financial guru behind her Swiss boyfriend, Matej’s back. That man was suspected to live in a luxurious apartment in Kowloon Tong and manage his own finance company. Carmaney then dumped him upon knowing he did not come from a rich family and her former colleague exposed she used to have an average body figure.