Stephen Au (歐錦棠), Annie Man (文頌嫻), Hedwig Tam (談善言) and MIRROR group member, Anson Kong (江熚生) attended the worshipping ceremony for ViuTV new drama (打天下) on 9th September 2019. As Stephen and Annie filmed Burning Flame II (烈火雄心II) series 17 years ago, he praised she maintained her looks very well.

43-year-old Annie expressed it had been 10 years since she shot Hong Kong drama: “My daughter is my boss and gives me the permission. I make a comeback because of her as nobody will “control” me and my husband is fine with it as long as I can take care of my family well.”

Annie added she was satisfied with the payment and having the heart was the most important. She felt happy that there was no filming at night as her family was her top priority.