Wong He (王喜) used to work for Hong Kong Police Force before joining the entertainment industry. Since the Hong Kong Protests, he has been supporting the protestors and reprimanding the cops’ behaviour and actions several times by using his professionalism.

At night on 13th September 2019, Wong He uploaded a video clip lasted 5 minutes to criticise the policemen and it resembled to hosting a police report television programme. In the video, he wore a black top with black mask and his neighbour ordered him to show his identification card on the roof top. The opposite party ignored Wong He and took out a stick to threaten him upon asking for his serial number, and he decided to call the hotline for help. He asked Wong He for the serial number and could not handle it unless providing the required information.

Subsequently, Wong He explained he had no idea and the opposite party had a stick. The officer on the hotline urged him to take photo of the attacker and sent it to more than 10 hotlines through WhatsApp, but Wong He did not receive any response. Eventually, Wong He chose to protect himself and sang two lyrics of the song (願榮光歸香港) supporting the protestors near the end of the video clip. It won compliments from many netizens and they looked forward to the sequel.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190914/60043637