According to a news source on 12th September 2019, Kong Ka Man (江嘉敏) was pointed to have an affair with her boyfriend, Anthony’s good friend behind his back and a conversation in WhatsApp between them was leaked out. That man promised to provide $500,000 capital for Ka Man to open a business and both discussed about the ways to hide from Anthony, and travelled to Japan by using their work as an excuse. On the same day, Ka Man rebutted and emphasised her relationship with Anthony was stable, and reprimanded the gossiper.

Ka Man said: “It is useless regardless of trying to sabotage my relationship with Anthony. Are you too free? Trying to create some gossips to affect my family and work? I am very furious! Why do you hide here and there? You said I gave you money and I dare you to show all the stuff to the public. You even block my boyfriend and me! Why are you hiding? Mr Wong! You want to be popular all along and your wish is granted now!”