Carmaney Wong (黃嘉雯) is crowned as the champion in 2019 Ms Hong Kong Pageant (2019香港小姐競選) while Fei Wong (王菲) and Kelly Gu (古佩玲) are the first and second runner-up. Apparently, 25-year-old Carmaney is surrounded by many rumours such as going for breast enhancement exposed by her old classmate, being a third party and having an affair behind her Swiss boyfriend.

Other than her beautiful looks, Carmaney comes from a wealthy family, lives in a luxurious mansion and has a handsome boyfriend. She is considered a winner in all aspects.

On that night during the final match for 2019 Ms Hong Kong Pageant, Carmaney’s foreign boyfriend, Matej Tomic turned up personally to show his support and witnessed her glorious moment as Ms Hong Kong. However, an insider pointed that Carmaney was a two-timer and dated a financial guru behind Matej’s back. The financial guru is rumoured to stay in an apartment in Kowloon Tong and set up his own financial company. The insider revealed that Carmaney dumped him immediately once knowing he did not come from a rich family. In addition before dating Matej, she was pointed as a third party when developing a relationship with a good looking dentist, Clement (唐逸謙), and a woman named Rachel presented the love letter to her boyfriend written by Carmaney at the time.

When East Week (東周) asked about her love affair, Carmaney admitted to dating Clement and denied she was a third party. She also clarified she was an ordinary friend with that financial guru.