According to a news source on 12th September 2019, Kong Ka Man (江嘉敏) was pointed to have an affair with her boyfriend, Anthony’s business partner, Mr X behind his back. Mr X promised to give $500,000 to her as the business capital and both travelled to Japan by using their work as an excuse. Subsequently on Instagram, Ka Man emphasised her relationship with Anthony was stable and disclosed the real name of Mr X as Mr Wong (王仁灝).

On 13th September, Ka Man posted another message related to the business capital and Japan trip on Instagram: “Sorry! I admitted that I was agitated this morning and the company did have a meeting with me. After all, it is not the first time and makes me very furious upon seeing it.

I am not trying to make an explanation and did show the screenshot about the loopholes in the conversation. I realise I am in the wrong too and treat the opposite party as a good friend without analysing too much. I admit I am naive and perhaps a gentle image does not really suit me. This person tries to lead the public thinking that I am a flirtatious woman and I decide to have a male like character from now onward. Hopefully everyone will get used to it.

Also, thank you to the supports from my family, friends and colleagues. I should not let this minor issue affect me and will be extra careful in the future.

Finally, the main purpose of my message is not to obtain understanding and sympathy from the public but getting rid of the negative energy and anger. I will be taking a short nap and welcoming a new day, new work and monitoring the news that I ought to show concern.”