36-year-old Toby Leung (梁靖琪) was married to her husband, Jonathan Sze (施雋賢) who was younger than her by 8 years old in June 2019. As she was exposed for expecting nearly 5 months in August, Toby expressed she had good news to announce and her father, Tommy Leung (梁家樹) admitted his daughter was pregnant. On 16th September, she finally confessed she was expecting and shared photo of a baby top. Toby left an online message: “2019 is a special and meaningful year and I married the best partner. We welcome a new chapter together and enter into a new stage soon. I am announcing that we are becoming parent and thank you to my husband for accompanying me. We feel very grateful and thank you for the love! Let’s give the credit to the god!”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20190916/1568648477127/%e3%80%90%e6%81%ad%e5%96%9c%e3%80%91%e6%a2%81%e9%9d%96%e7%90%aa%e6%9b%acbb%e8%a1%ab%e8%aa%8d%e6%9c%89%e5%96%9c-%e6%89%93%e9%96%8b%e4%ba%ba%e7%94%9f%e6%96%b0%e7%9a%84%e4%b8%80%e7%ab%a0