The top 3 winners, Carmaney Wong (黃嘉雯), Fei Wong (王菲) and Kelly Gu (古佩玲) in 2019 Ms Hong Kong Pageant accepted an interview from Ming Pao (明報) on 16th September 2019. When asked about their favourite idols, Carmaney said: “Definitely Luk Wing Kuen (陸永) as he is funny, friendly and smart. Hopefully we can work together. I am not worried about the temptations in show business and that is why I prefer to have a boyfriend from another industry. I also avoid having a model boyfriend when working in the modelling industry previously. It is good that I can enjoy a peaceful life after finishing my work.”

Fei said: “I like Raymond Cho (曹永廉) as he is a honest man who gives a sense of security and my boyfriend is a truthful man too. (Is he immature at 25 years old?) He looks like 30 years old.” As for Kelly, she was clueless as there was many choices.