Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) left arm had a scar during a charity event on 21st September 2019. She played a joke that it was abuse and explained: “I organised a major scale birthday celebration for my children earlier and scalded my hand when using the oven. It becomes worse after stretching and I use make-up to cover the mark.”

When mentioned about her children, Linda described her son, Jared was strong and daughter, Kelly was gentle. She was talented in art as well: “My daughter is good at dancing and learns it immediately. She always asks me for help when her brother snatches her toys away and I explain to Kelly that it is not intentionally.”

Despite staying in Hong Kong for 1.5 days this time, Linda’s husband took care of their children and asked her for help quickly. She suspected her kids used action to protest about her absence at home: “Kelly goes to school now. She is not using diapers and pees on her bed accidentally. Jared usually passes motion per day but 4 to 5 times when I am away. Although my hubby is a very positive person, but he finds it confusing and tells me to return quickly. Anyway, it is a good memory to us and we can have a good laugh upon recalling it in the future.”