Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) attended an event sponsored by Home Affairs Bureau (民政事務局) as an ambassador to support the local society in Tsim Sha Tsui on 20th September 2019. Although she turned 47 years old not long ago, she wore shorts revealing her long pair of legs and fit body figure. Kelly revealed she worked with the bureau for 17 years and said: “It is a special year as I filmed advertisements as promotion for 3 bureau.”

Kelly said on the stage: “It is very difficult to manage the business and one must handle everything personally. Everyone must stay united and spend additional to change the world.” The organisation committee also prepared a belated birthday gift for her and the content of the box contained a real snake skin. She laughed immediately once seeing it: “You give me an insect earlier and my son is frightened when I show it to him. I will let him see it during Halloween.”

Although Kelly was a friendly celebrity, but the organisation committee informed in advance that she would not accept any interviews and left before completing the ceremony. Nevertheless, Kelly allowed the media to take photos of her in front of the background setting and the staff appeared very nervous and tried to stop the reporters when trying to interview her. She then left hurriedly.