Lately, 41-year-old Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) participated in a Chinese reality show, Chinese Restaurant 3 (中餐廳3) which became a heated discussion and the netizens suspected he suffered from “middle-aged prince sickness” (中年王子病).

Apparently, the customer pointed there was a remaining dish to be served while making payment at the counter and the restaurant manager, Xiaoming discovered that dish was written off in the order ticket upon checking in the kitchen. During the meeting, everyone confirmed that they did not know that dish and believe Xiaoming wrote it off in the order ticket by himself. Hence in the latest episode, the production team decided to conduct an investigation and discover it was removed by the chef, Jack Lin (林述巍) and Xiaoming became the scapegoat as a result.

During an interview with Chinese media, Xiaoming did not feel unhappy and say: “It is normal to meet many obstacles when working. Encountering problems, failures and having misunderstandings are not important and what matters most is the end result.” It shows that he is a good and capable leader.

In addition when mentioned about the criticisms by the netizens, Xiaoming confessed he felt unhappy and had phobia as well: “It did affect me slightly and I dare not go outside for a period of time. I also do not surf Internet but it only lasts for a short while. Anyway, it does not matter and I treat it as an experience.”