Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮) attended the press conference of a children fashion show in Hong Kong on 29th September 2019. She revealed the filming for the movie version, A Step into the Past (尋秦記) was wrapped up for some time and felt relieved that it was completed before her daughter returned to school. Although Sonija returned to Hong Kong during the shooting period, but it was the first time that she was in overseas for 2 weeks since her daughter was born.

Sonija said: “Fortunately, we can video chat and I need to teach my daughter about her examination from a long distance. (Cannot travel during summer holidays?) Yes, I need to make up to her and promise to take her for holidays if she achieves good grades.” She added both would miss each other and cry whenever working in Mainland China and her daughter was worried that she might not come back.

When mentioned about selling her flat in Tseung Kwan O and moving to Kowloon because of her daughter and earned huge profits, Sonija said: “The property is very expensive and I must work harder now.”