Selena Lee (李施嬅) left TVB in April 2019 after working for 16 years. She joins an American company and becomes colleague with Brie Larson (貝兒娜森) who played Captain Marvel. Selena expressed it was a new beginning and felt grateful to TVB for helping her to create a solid foundation. Although she acted in many different drama and received recognition for her acting skills, but Selena hoped to have new challenges and seek improvements in her acting skills.

Despite promoted to the female lead roles in recent years, Selena always walks home empty-handed during TVB Anniversary Awards. As she won Best Actress award in an American film, Once More during European Cinematography Awards in 2017 and the audiences felt unfair for Selena without winning any awards in TVB, she remained positive and it did not represent that her career was a failure. She understood winning an award consisted of many factors and confessed to feeling disappointed, upon seeing her colleague joining TVB at a later time and winning an award. Nevertheless, it did not bother Selena now as she believed the world was very big.

Although she tried to seek breakthrough in her career, but Selena’s love life remained dry and she chose to take it easily. Her friends also introduced men to her and she was not anxious to date due to her hectic work schedule: “My partner must understand that I am very busy and it is best that he is extremely busy as well. I need privacy and dislike clingy man. Most importantly, we must support and encourage each other.” Selena added she hoped her good friends, Nancy Wu (胡定欣) and Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) will find their happiness soon.