TVB drama, Golden Building (金宵大廈) starring Selena Lee (李施嬅) is currently airing and many people return home quickly after work in order to watch it. After the promotion activity on 4th October 2019, Selena accepted an interview with HK01 (香港01) and said: “Other than the promotion campaigns, I go back home to watch the series everyday. You must pay attention to it as Alex is saying goodbye in this episode. You never know she might be returning and Coco will be explaining the story in the upcoming week. I am not saying much now and please continue to watch the drama.”

Apparently, Golden Building series receives excellent responses and Selena’s acting skills is recognised by the public. She expressed she read and monitored all netizens’ opinions carefully: “I feel very grateful. It is the first time that my drama has very good reviews. As an actress, I hope the public will notice my performance. Other than the supports and comments, the film producer and on-screen writer, Ruby put in lots of efforts and create a good plot. Hence, we must not forget about the backend team and thank you very much to them.”

When asked if she would consider to film the sequel since there was excellent responses, Selena said: “We did talk about it. However, I have joined an American company and the decision does not lie with me only. We have different projects in different places and must discuss about the schedule. I am quite interested to film it as long as the script is good and with original cast team.”