On 6th October 2019, Hong Kong police force urged many citizens to stay at home and Celine Ma (馬蹄露) continued to proceed to Mong Kok. As she took photographs which angered the protestors, they attacked Celine and her mouth was bleeding as a result.

Although she was injured, but the Communist Youth League of China (共青團中央) praised Celine by posting message on Weibo for protecting Hong Kong and their blood were equally red as China flag.

On the same night, Lana Wong (黄夏蕙) left a message on Facebook: “I feel very unhappy when my good friend, Celina is wounded. What is the point of hitting both of your hands?” She hoped the protestors would remain calm and settle the issues peacefully with the government: “2 million people should avoid using violence and choosing a peaceful agreement is the best.”

However, a Facebook account user uploaded a nomination list for district council elections and Lana denied about uploading the photo. She clarified it was done by her manager, Simon and majority of the messages posted by that Facebook account did not represent her thoughts.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20191006/60124929