Hong Kong descends into chaos and violence after the ban of face masks law is implemented. At night on 6th October 2019, Celine Ma (馬蹄露) was suspected to take photos of the black mobs at Mong Kok. Hence, it angered the protesters and they pushed her to the ground after snatching her mobile phone away. Her mouth was bleeding and Celine went to the police station with a male friend and foreign male journalist thereafter. Apparently, some bystander witnessed that Celine hit people first after the conflict and they sprayed red liquid on her in the video clip. Hence, the netizens suspected it was red liquid and not blood on her face.

After lodging a police report, Celine went for treatment at Kwong Wah Hospital (廣華醫院) and her good friend, Mandy Yim (嚴淑明) visited her at the hospital immediately. During an interview, Mandy revealed Celine’s lower chin and head were required to go for stitches. It did not affect her appearance and she was currently resting at home now. In addition, a video clip showed that 4 friends accompanied Celine to the accident and emergency department at the hospital and one of her friends was discovered to smear the protesters frequently.

When Apple Daily HK (蘋果) contacted Mandy on 7th October, she replied through a text message: “I have nothing to say now. Thank you.” At 5am on the same day, she uploaded photo of Celine and herself and left an online message: “Staying awake the whole night and I keep holding Celine’s hand. #feel proud of you #loyalty continues forever #bravo to Celine”

Lastly on 7th October, a man named Mr Yeung (楊官華) uploaded a video clip of Celine and black mobs debating about the ban of face masks law lasted for 4 hours on Facebook. They believed wearing face mask was not a problem as long as they were not protesting.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20191007/60126671