Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) attended an event at Kowloon Tong on 4th October 2019. During the conversation with the host in the beginning, some bystander shouted for “Hong Kong democracy” and it did not affect the activity. Subsequently, Christine accepted an interview and replied she was unaware of it: “I do not hear it and keep talking on the stage.”

Christine revealed she did not really manage her hairstyle because of her husband and say: “But he loves to blow my hair dry for me and even use two hairdryers, upon seeing the hairstylist doing it as the hair salon. I am currently learning to make French dessert and there is a test in 2 weeks time. I am practising it at home and told my husband to taste the desserts. He eats everything and I invite my female friends to try it too.” She added her hubby was the main chef at home and would help him: “We become vegetarians lately because of the health and weather.”