Since June 2019, Hong Kong protests have been ongoing and several artistes share about their thoughts which create arguments with the netizens. As TV Queen, Ali Lee (李佳芯) urged the public to vote for the citizenship online earlier, it angered the Chinese netizens who assumed she supported Hong Kong democracy (港獨分子). As a result, her popularity decreased and she was rumoured to be “frozen” by TVB. Also, her lead roles in two new drama were pointed to be replaced. On 1st October 2019, Ali shared a photo and posted a message: “Giving love to the people whom I meet today! #Amelia’s Rhapsody #ga yau #A life” Although it appears to be a simple message, but it causes a war again.

Apparently, a netizen called 9527 left a message on Ali’s Instagram account: “You are indeed crazy! You believe it is good when there is many major attacks and congestion on 6th October? You can say goodbye to your acting career forever!” Subsequently, many fans defended their idol and Ali explained about sharing her feelings upon meeting her working partner only, and did not discuss about political affairs. However, 9257 refused to believe her and teamed up with other netizens that Ali supported Hong Kong protests. Ali then rebutted: ” Please take note of the posting date and stop accusing me. Thank you.” In fact other than reprimanding her, 9257 did show his/her admiration for Ali previously: “I love all her drama and she has brilliant acting skills. Ali is definitely one of the top 5 TVB actresses but her message makes me very disappointed.”