Matt Yeung (楊明) invested 7 digits to open the third branch of his soup business in Wan Chai last month. Earlier, he clarified he did not comment about Hong Kong protests and emphasised about supporting anti-violence and peace in the society. Lately, news about posting notices related to supporting Hong Kong and giving out free beverage at the entrance of Matt’s restaurant went viral. Other notices included about agreeing to five demands and objections about ban of face masks. Some netizens suspected the main purpose was to attract the customers to patronise his restaurant.

When the reporters from Apple Daily HK (蘋果) visited the branches in North Point and Wan Chai, there was no notices and the staff denied about giving free soups. The operations in Wan Chai branch continued as normal and there were customers in the restaurant. As the person in-charge was absent, the staff replied they were inconvenient to give their comments.

On 9th October 2019, Matt made a serious clarification on Weibo that one staff posted the notice without any permission at the entrance of the restaurant in Wan Chai: “Once knowing it two days ago, I checked with the staff and removed the notice immediately. He explained it was because of the safety and the shop was vandalised when there were major protests on 29th September and 1st October. The CCTV outside the shop was damaged and we received many threatening phone calls and online messages.”

Matt added he understood the reasons behind that staff’s move and hoped history would not repeat. He hoped his employees would stay brave and the restaurant was a eating place and not to discuss about political affairs. Matt’s aim remained the same and he only wished to provide healthy food to the customers: “Sorry for making everyone worried after seeing the online criticisms. My restaurant will continue to provide quality food and please continue to support us.”