Linda Wong (王馨平) is the eldest daughter of Wang Yu (王羽) and Jeannette Lin (林翠). In 1992, she joined the singing industry by signing a contract with PolyGram (寶麗金) record company. As the disciple of a famous singer, Jenny Tseng (甄妮徒), Linda gained fame quickly especially after releasing her first Mandarin album (別問我是誰) in 1993. Wang Yu is pointed to interfere in his daughter’s career and relationship which led to a conflict between her manager, Jenny and Linda. Thus, both terminated the contract and Linda withdrew from the industry gradually, and became active again in recent years.

When asked if Wang Yu forced her to end the relationship with Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) at the time during a radio show (一圈圈) earlier, Linda defended her father and said: “Everyone assumes I am daddy’s girl but you are wrong. I am quite rebellious and have my own opinions. Hence, we parted our ways peacefully as could not see our future and it is not because of my father. As the parent, do you think they can control our feelings? If I really choose him as my partner, my dad has to accept it eventually. Honestly speaking, he is not as stubborn as what we think and has his gentle side.”

Mentioning about the conflict between her father and former manager, Jenny, Linda explained she failed to do her duty: “Both are my good friends. My father feels safe to let her guide me in the singing industry. They have their own tempers and argue because of my issue. Thus, I am sandwiched between both of them and they might avoid the lawsuit if I handle it well. Upon thinking back, I will not say my father controls me too much and the result will be much better if I resolve it by myself.”