Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒) has been developing his career in Mainland China in recent years. As he was suspected to post messages to show his support for Hong Kong democracy on his Instagram account earlier, it angered his Chinese fans and netizens whom begun to reprimand him.

On 9th October 2019, Sammul made a clarification on Weibo: “I love everyone especially my fans who have been supporting me for many years. I feel grateful even though you scold and support me through the messages. If I do make you unhappy, I will make an apology over here. A gentleman must listen, stay rational, loyal and courteous.”

Subsequently, Sammul forwarded the same post on Instagram and left another comment: “I receive angry messages daily on Weibo and the company and legal team believe it is necessary to have a correct understanding of the facts. Hence, I decide to make a clarification on Weibo and reject to respond on Instagram and Facebook since the problem happens on Weibo. I then realise their concern when they asked if I was afraid of beaten up by Hong Kong protestors.

It is a difficult period in Hong Kong at this time. Firstly, I need to emphasis again that Hong Kong has no chances of becoming independent and support anti-violence in the society. I do not wish to see any conflicts between the family and friends and suffer from insomnia as a result. Hopefully the public will understand Hong Kong citizens are extremely exhausted and I will pray for Hong Kong everyday as Christian.”