Joe Chen (陳喬恩) is considered “golden prime lady” (黃金剩女) and arranged to meet a Malaysian man who is older than her by 9 years in a Chinese reality show, Meeting Mr. Right 2 (女兒們的戀愛2) lately. She remarked time passed quickly and had joined the industry for 18 years. Earlier, the netizens criticised her for eating unpleasantly and called her an old and fat auntie.

Joe believed that the public will focus on the actresses’ age and even called her 40-year-old Joe Chen, but it will not happen to the actors: “Since when the actresses’ values are measured by their age? I know my age is an open secret and it is unnecessary to hide it. It is normal to grow old and I am learning to live my life to the fullest. I try to achieve a work life balance and wish to have more privacy.”

In addition, Joe mentioned that celebrities were easily judged by the public anytime: “Anyone can attack and hurt us but love us as well.” After airing the show, she uploaded a video clip about the “age theory” (年齡論) on Weibo and said: “One must remember to live happily regardless of the unhappiness.” Subsequently, Joe earned compliments from many netizens.